You've found Graham's photography site. When I'm not working I like to get out and about with my camera and take pictures of just about anything I see. I'm trying hard to take interesting photos and start to get a little more artistic. Mostly though I seem to focus on taking technically competent shots.

The photos on this website have been taken over the last year or so, and are simply the photos I think are worth sharing. Most of them have seen a little work in photoshop, mostly to bring the colours out a little more strongly. I use curves in the LAB colour space for this. I shoot exclusively in RAW. I do all my editting on a Mac G5. A recent acquisition has been an Epson Photo R2400 printer, which is well known for great black and white results. If you see a trend towards b&w photos on the site, it's because I am still learning how to get the best from this great printer.

July 2007: I've just bought a Canon 30d to replace my 20d. I acquired the new EFS 17-88mm f/4-5.6 IS lens at the same time.

August 2007: Off to Las Vegas to go visit some amazing locations.

September 2007: I'm in the process of adding location information for the photos I take. Where I have added the location to the photo you'll see a link to a google map showing as accurately as I can where the photo was taken. Look for the location in the Technical Data shown for each photo. I'll probably add a page that shows all the locations where I have visited and photographed. Adding google maps to my site was easy.

January 2008: I recently got myself the Canon EF 400mm F/5.6 L-series lens. I fancied a longer length lens for astronomy and animal photos. Used it over the Christmas break and loved it. You can see some of the photos I took in the Boxing Day gallery. These were all taken within 10 mins drive of Crawley.

January 2008: Added RSS feeds for this page to help people stay in touch with changes on this site.

January 2008: I've been to Kew Gardens for the day, and taken lots of photos. I am in the process of putting these online. So far mostly photos of the glass houses, which look excellent in black and white. There are Henry Moore sculptures on display in the gardens which added extra interest.

March 2008: Got married. Lucky lucky me. Photos online.

September 2008: Found the cooliris plugin, which is amazing. I have added support for this to my various galleries. I strongly recommend that you download this, and use it to view the photos on this site. Cooliris provides a 3d wall where the photos are placed. You can fly around this wall and look at the photos. It is a bit like Cover Flow. It's been done extremely well.

October 2008: Lots to tell. Spent a week back in Page, Arizona visiting the wonderful locations near to that town. Managed to get a pass to visit The Wave on my first attempt, which was very very lucky. On the day I entered the lottery for one of the 10 tickets there were about 68 other people who were all after passes. Okay, so the next day was wet and miserable, but didn't stop me hiking the 90mins or so to get to this amazing location. Lower Antelope Canyon was another place I had never been to before and I think I managed to take some photos that are even better than the Upper Antelope Canyon ones. Back home in the UK, I spent a few hours at Sheffield Park taking photos of the lake and trees on a glorious sunny day. Got some amazing colours to show. Oh, and lucky lucky me, I now have a Canon EOS 50d to play with. I've also been adding some javascript to the site, using mootools. Photos now enlarge, no need to go to a new page and use the back button all the time. Click on a thumbnail and it will expand for you. Click on the info panel to hide it away. To advance to the next photo, just flick the mouse left to right over the photo, and the next one will appear. Might take a little practise, the mouse just needs to be moving fast. No need to use a button I just look at the speed of the mouse.

November 2008: Have a lovely son, Elliott Philip who arrived safetly but early. Completely adorable. Also, just bought an Epson 7880 printer, so I can start to experiment with some larger prints. Contact me if you want some 24" prints. Have added forward and back buttons due to overwhelming demand. Perhaps a little clunky right now.

Christmas day 2008: Elliott's first xmas, so had to take some more cute photos.

February 2009: Been to Hong Kong and Penang. Bought a Canon 5d mk2. Great! Some photos from Penang were taken with this new camera. Am amazed at it's low light noise control.

March 2009: A few more shots of Elliott, taken with my newish Canon 100mm F/2.8 macro, bought off Ebay. Sold one of my photos to one of my new neighbours. Updated the website to use a database backend, so have started to track how many times each photo is viewed.

April 2009: Dynamically generated top 5 images.

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April 2009: Been out with a couple of mates shooting bluebells now it's that time of year. Photos in the bluebell gallery. Used a couple of new lenses, the Canon EF24-70mm F/2.8L and the Canon EF70-200mm IS F/2.8L which I'd rented for a few days. Can see why people rave over these lenses, they really are superb.

May 2009: A day out at Howlett Wild Animal Park in Kent. Most of the animals seemed to spend the day hiding from us. Was only in the last hour that we saw some big cats. The gorillas there are incredible to watch.

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